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After fighting her own battles of grief and self-worth, Transform-Ur-Lyfe Coaching & Consulting LLC founder Browniesha Blackman decided to chase her God-given destiny and hit the ground running toward her mission of transforming lives. As a mother, business owner, evangelist, and transformation coach, Browniesha uses her experiences and spiritual gifts to live out her dreams of helping others. In 2018, Browniesha began the "Break Free" Women's Workshop which encourages women to push past their challenges and break free of barriers holding them back. The successful launch of the event created opportunities for Browniesha to travel with the workshop and empowering even more lives.Presently, Browniesha can be found on her online radio show, "Free Talk".

Last but not least She is the mother of two beautiful children; Myla, and Ricky, who she calls the Super Kid. In addition to helping women, Browniesha also has concern for those dealing with loss. She created The Arri Foundation, a nonprofit organization in remembrance of her daughter, Arrionna, who passed away and is dedicated to assisting grieving families who have lost babies and small children. Be on the look-out for this upcoming author. As God allows her to do so, she will be sharing her story and through her story she believes many women’s lives will be changed. 


Transformation Thursday

Somehow I got lost in the tunnel on my way to my destiny. I realized I took my eyes off what was ahead looking at the things around and behind me. I continued to go into cycles and after traveling through those  cycles so many times is when I realized that I was really stuck. At that moment I had to take a break and refocus on what it was I was really after. After checking everything around me I realized that I was traveling with someone I really didn't know. Someone, I thought I knew but turns out I didn't know her at all she was a stranger to me. It was time that me and her got well acquainted because we were going to be traveling this journey together forever. That she was ME!! I had to learn so much about me after living with me for 34 years.  I was a broken woman who never really healed and covered it up with strength and beauty. I, no longer want to wear the mask. I want to be WHOLE. It's my birthright!!

Signed: A woman on a journey 

It’s time to be WHOLE!!!


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